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February 5, 2023

What started with just a handful of widows has grown to thousands, just in the state of represents the wives and husbands of the patients who were isolated to death by the hospital systems. They began sharing their testimony with one another, and quickly identified a devastating trend of commonalities that validate what their souls had been telling them the whole time — they lost their beloved spouses in exchange for monetary gain. What is more, this medical malpractice continues today, but with your help, they will expose these crimes against humanity.

I became a whistleblower not only for exposing the underreported safety signals the so-called covid vaccine was causing but also because the hospital administrators across the country issued policies and protocols that took precendence over patients. I worked as a hospital supervisor, ICU, and ED nurse in a federal hospital for Native Americans from March 2020 – September 2021, when I was put on leave and subsequently terminated on December 14, 2022. believe millions of people have lost their lives because of these egregious and evil acts, all in the name of power and control. Healthcare became incentivized, and hospitals were encouraged to include a covid diagnosis on every patient possible at the direction issued by those in charge at HHS, NIH, CDC, and the FDA. The ‘blame’was always pushed to one of these organizations.

What has transpired and continues to this day, is the malfeasance, negligence, and violations of the oath and ethical principles healthcare workers take. These aggrieved widows are demanding answers to some simple questions… Who issued these protocols that every single hospital system in the country implemented overnight, and how do we hold them accountable? They are pained day in and day out that their loved one fell victim and died as a result. Their CALL-TO-ACTION is to encourage families to tell their stories and for whistleblowers to come forward so justice can be served.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, please reach out and provide your testimony.

  • Patient Bill of Rights violated.

  • All victims, advocates, powers of attorney, family members and friends all knew something was not right.

  • Victims dehumanized.

  • Constantly told if they didn’t do what the nurse or doctor said, they would die.

  • Gaslighted to be on ventilator.

  • Isolated.

  • Families told they would be arrested if they tried to enter.

  • Hospital would not provide a copy of the written protocol upon families request.

  • Denied nutrition and water for hours and days on end. Dehydrated and Starved

  • Unvaccinated victims were treated completely different, repeatedly gaslighted and told they would die because refusal of the vaccine.

  • Alternative treatment repeatedly refused — if you refused the hospital’s treatment, they would do it anyway

  • Right to try violated even when studies were provided.

  • Oxygen supplementation escalated quickly to be able to induce mechanical ventilation: nasal cannula, high flow nasal cannula, rebreather, vapotherm, cpap, bipap, ventilation.

  • Primary care physician, family, and/or patient not allowed to request medication or procedures.

  • Victims and families lied to about safety and effectiveness of drug protocol.

  • Victim and family not allowed to request a new doctor or nurse.

  • Victims were not given basic care and received minimal nursing attention.

  • No teeth brushing, removal of blood, mucous, washing, sponge bathing left in clothes they entered the hospital in, left for hours unchecked.

  • Call lights moved so patient couldn’t access or were left unanswered, no human touch often times in their own waste due to restraints.

  • Hospital failed to communicate with victim and family: lack of consent or proper consent, failure to disclose pro/cons of treatment, days without hearing from doctors about status or treatment, failure to acknowledge legal rights of advocates or POA.

  • Failure to inform of drugs being used, restraints, sedation, intubation even when asked by family

  • Personal phones, glasses, chargers, etc removed from patient reach.

  • Hospital employees use of patients’ cell phones to make calls, personal property stolen.

  • Mental and verbal abuse of patient, advocate and family. Repeatedly told you/they will die, pressured to sign DNR order if you give us DNR you can watch them die.

  • Arrogant, rude, dismissive conduct by attending physicians and medical staff. (told not to call again, limited calls, told “none of that shit will help” regarding nutrition, vitamins, hydration, or treatments requested.

  • Right to transfer patient some transferred to be further away from family on purpose.

  • Testing places refuse to provide documentation on testing cycles, chain of custody, lot numbers of test to families. (false positives test) Many were given false positives or tested negative and were treated on covid floors with protocol regardless of test results.

From their website:

A handful of widows has grown to 1,000 Widows and counting. Through this journey we have evolved from grieving spouses to enraged mothers, fathers, sons and daughters seeking truth and justice in the name of our loved ones. 1,000 Widows is a community of families to loved ones that died at the hands of the hospital systems exchange for monetary gain; i.e., “hospital incentives” through CARES Act funding. While we work through the immense pain from the loss of our loved ones, the hospital systems continue to medically gaslight us and ignore the science.

The astonishingly flippant attitude demonstrated by our healthcare system at-large [i.e., National Institute of Allergy, and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Medical Association (AMA), etc.] refuses to acknowledge any early treatment protocol for COVID-19 which, we now know, could have reduced hospitalization of up to 85 percent. Hospital systems across America have abandoned clinical judgment, adopted unsound scientific reasoning, and continue to prioritize expensive drugs like Remdesivir while banning more effective and less costly treatments.

These actions have demoralized and dehumanized us and the loved ones we have lost. We now have a responsibility to capture our strength and fight for the truth!

The malpractice performed by our hospital systems is undeniable. The commonalities between all of our testimonies illustrate a powerful force that can no longer be ignored. We pray 1,000 Widows will serve as a place for anyone who desperately seeks vindication and justice. Please share your testimony with us. Follow us and join in our journey as we begin to draft a class action lawsuit against the hospital systems who willingly and knowingly participated in the greatest crime against humanity.

Whistleblowers from within the hospital systems carry a greater responsibility than anyone on earth. Please share your testimony and help us fight against medical tyranny!

Our Pledge to ALL:

  • Expose the CARES Act “hospital incentives” and other state/federal funding.

  • Diligently work to hold the guilty accountable.

  • Oppose, reverse, and/or defeat any legislation that provides hospitals with immunity.

  • Support patient advocacy legislation.

  • Force hospitals, public health, and the overall healthcare system to acknowledge the truth about COVID-19, i.e., early treatment protocols, hospital incentives for each positive COVID-19 diagnosis, admission to hospitals, use of Remdesivir instead of proven and historically safe medicines such as Ivermectin, mechanical ventilation, and listing the cause of death as COVID-19.

  • Dissolve the passive practice of medical gaslighting.

The only direction God gave us is forward. He also blessed us with each other — a fearless force to navigate through the pain and demand justice!

My book, “Rare Courage: Standing For Right When You’re Surrounded By Wrong,” tells of my journey through covid and how my faith got me through it all. All proceeds will be donated to those affected by this narrative, and my intention in writing it is for it to get into the hands of the hospital administrators, doctors, and nurses that took care of your loved one that died. They know in their souls that what happened wasn’t right, and hopefully, through me detailing my journey from March 2020, something awakens in their souls to come forward and stand beside these widows so we can ensure justice is served. Everyone comes to the truth at different times, and although it is ok to have righteous anger, we must accept them in love and kindness so we can support one another, heal and encourage us all.

My call to action is for you to ship a copy of the book, with your message included, to either the unit, a specific nurse, the charge nurse, the provider, or the house supervisor directly. I also encourage you to send it to your friend or family member who lost a love one thinking that it was because of covid; chances are it was because of the deadly hospital protocols. I heard a quote once, “If you want people to know the truth, tell them. If you want people to love the truth, tell them a story.” I believe our shared experiences with do just that.

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