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January 15, 2023

Approximately 7,000 nurses in two New York City hospitals strike for safe staffing ratios. One sign read, “one nurse to twenty-five patients in the emergency room.” This is absolutely unsafe as a typical patient load in the ER should be 1:3-5 with a team that can support you, and should’ve never been allowed to happen.

My question is, how did we get here? Why are the hospitals short-staffed? Could it be because these same nurses didn’t stand in the gap for their coworkers who refused to take the experimental gene therapy and watched them leave the profession in droves?

July 27, 2022, The American Bar Association wrote an article concerning this topic:

COVID vaccine hesitancy among nurses worldwide is still an issue, although it has waned just a little since 2020. The refusal rate among nurses was 23.4 percent in 2020 and 18.3 percent in 2021. Many reviews suggest that nurses could have one of the highest hesitancy rates for the vaccine.

The major reasons for refusal are concerns about the vaccine’s safety, effectiveness, and side effects. There is also mistrust in the government and drug companies, as well as the belief that COVID-19 is only a mild illness or does not exist at all.

The article goes on to state:

The ANA represents roughly 4.2 million nurses nationally. According to the ANA, most nurses supported receiving the COVID vaccine. However, despite the ANA’s support of the vaccine mandate, some nurses remain hesitant. The ANA took a poll in late 2021, which showed that 88 percent of the nurses surveyed were vaccinated or were going to be, but only 81 percent said they were comfortable getting the vaccine, and only 59 percent said they supported the vaccine mandate.

Two-thirds (66 percent) said that the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of the vaccines would not change their minds, 58 percent were not clear on the vaccine’s immunity and effectiveness, and 84 percent of those not vaccinated declined because they didn’t have enough information. Some nurses are pursuing religious or medical exemptions to avoid the vaccine mandate.

It is abundantly clear that the injections do not stop transmission or infection, as evidenced by recurring infections and increased hospitalizations among the vaccinated and push to get booster shots.

Those that did not participate in the experiment are happy they stuck to their instinct to refuse, but many who complied because of one reason or another and became injured are suffering with very little help, empathy, or resources. We must elevate their voices and their stories, so they know they are not alone.

My nurse friend, Beth, and I hypothesize that these nurses didn’t have the forward-thinking to understand what would happen to healthcare if they didn’t support their coworker’s right to bodily autonomy, especially without proper informed consent. Nurses must uphold their oath to honor ethical principles for everyone. I know many nurses took the injection or got a fake vaccine card because they didn’t want to risk losing their paycheck, not because they believed in the shot.

Resources for the vaccine injured:

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