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 Nurses in Nashville! 

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Have you lost faith in the healthcare system? Did you walk away? Come network, learn, socialize with individuals who are forging a new path!

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Alaska Retreat  Coming May 12-16 ,  2023!


Grab the important people in your life and Mom to spend this Mother's Day with Jodi and Kaydee in Alaska, May 11-15 for a trip of a lifetime! This exclusive retreat will book quickly with max number of guests at 9 (3 dry cabins each with a Queen and Twin bed) so don’t delay!

Jodi and Kaydee generate a lot of firey energy when near each other, and participants should come ready with a bathing suit in case they spontaneously decide to dip in a waterfall or snowbank, a readiness to laugh so hard you snort, and yet also a solid waterproof mascara for vulnerable forays in being human. Learn ways to deepen your self-care alongside individuals who themselves continually seek another, more aligned, and sovereign way of being.

How does getting dropped off by your private helicopter at the top of Matanuska Glacier for a sound bowl session sound while experiencing the majesty of God?


Daily home-cooked meals from a chef with 30 years of experience catering to exclusive retreats, followed by frolicking in the forest foraging for berries while Kaydee identifies the beauty all around you. 

Daily yoga/stretching classes, art therapy, sauna, massage, zip lining, and group sessions focusing on confidence, courage, and calling. Join in as much or as little as you like!

The awe-inspiring, uplifting, and vigorous energies of the location alone serve to open mental, emotional, and spiritual states, while thoughtful prompts from your hosts put you in closer communion with your Creator.

Are you IN need OF joy and adventure?
When is the last time you TRuly  FELT alive? 

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Each Retreat Limited to 9 guests (3 per cabin)

6 days, 5 nights


Due to the shared accommodations, friends are encouraged!  Bring someone with you to share the queen bed, and both receive a discount. Bring another friend and all 3 enjoy yet another discount!

3,500 solo
2 friends= 3150 each
3 friends= 2800 each



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